Thursday, June 16, 2011

우정 영원히

hey everyone, oh right today will writing in malay because some of my friend can't read English so well. so i will writing in malay. 매우 어려운 huhuhu. it'snot going happen. okey today i want to show to everyone my work friends.

ok as you all see, in this pictures is all staff of mizi nilai except one..hahaha you all know who..바보 같은 여자. oh right on the left is Azwan (showdown), kak Nana (mak long), Atiqah (ahli sihir) and Azmi (League). HAHAHAHA.

they all are so funny and always make me feel happy and free.we helping each other went someone get's nice? I hopefully our friendship will forever.

우정 영원히

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