Thursday, June 16, 2011

내 테이블 연구

Hello everyone, meet me again. oh right now i want to show my things at my table study. As you can see, at my table study doesn't have any books, you all know why? because i'm not in study now. If that so, I will clear my table and put it some cool staff such as my laptop, handphone, my couple picture, a little bit flower to make my table look natural.HAHAHAHA and my new LOMO HOLGA camera that i just buy it before. you all see how in my laptop desktop? guess who..지드래곤.
that all for now. Thank you.

우정 영원히

hey everyone, oh right today will writing in malay because some of my friend can't read English so well. so i will writing in malay. 매우 어려운 huhuhu. it'snot going happen. okey today i want to show to everyone my work friends.

ok as you all see, in this pictures is all staff of mizi nilai except one..hahaha you all know who..바보 같은 여자. oh right on the left is Azwan (showdown), kak Nana (mak long), Atiqah (ahli sihir) and Azmi (League). HAHAHAHA.

they all are so funny and always make me feel happy and free.we helping each other went someone get's nice? I hopefully our friendship will forever.

우정 영원히

Friday, June 10, 2011


hey everyone, oh right tonight i going to story about 바보들!! what do you all thing if you just come back from work and in your mind just thing about REST-REST and REST. Suddenly when just come home, you fell like want to say 당신의이기적인 엄마는 자식 !! everyone in that home really make me want get angry. I so tired for this thing because it will be happen everyday. Its make me feel bored because its happen everyday. All the time I need to be calm and cool.젠장!! i just want to come back home and feel free and relax. But its never happen, everyday will happen the thing that I don't like.젠장 why people around me don't and never understand me?? 정말 짜증나  i just thing went things will end?? anyone help me..

  영원히 증오 무슨 증오가는

Monday, June 6, 2011

어떤 미친 똥 명

Hey all, tonight I want a story about some kind of a dumb man 바보. kind of perfect posing 바보! I do not want good in a huff. You think it kind of nice. I hate la 바보 people like you. 젠장, 빌어먹을 I do not know you were a good idea.

솔직히 같은 천사 척 그만해.
엉덩이 구멍!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

불쌍한 고양이는 죽는다

hey everyone. you know what,  went i go back home i saw one pity cat die on road. i think someone was violation that cat. so pity-pity cat. for the more sad is beside that die cat, have another cat see and try to push the die cat to get up. so touch~ i'm going to 축구 any people who kill animal. 개자식!!