Friday, June 10, 2011


hey everyone, oh right tonight i going to story about 바보들!! what do you all thing if you just come back from work and in your mind just thing about REST-REST and REST. Suddenly when just come home, you fell like want to say 당신의이기적인 엄마는 자식 !! everyone in that home really make me want get angry. I so tired for this thing because it will be happen everyday. Its make me feel bored because its happen everyday. All the time I need to be calm and cool.젠장!! i just want to come back home and feel free and relax. But its never happen, everyday will happen the thing that I don't like.젠장 why people around me don't and never understand me?? 정말 짜증나  i just thing went things will end?? anyone help me..

  영원히 증오 무슨 증오가는

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